Viewer video of 2013 Veiled Prophet Parade

Ever wondered who builds the magnificent floats or how all of the costumes are made?  Ever wanted to get a "sneak peak" or personal tour of the headquarters of the Veiled Prophet Parade with the Artistic Director, Bill Griffin?  We invite you to view these videos to get a better understanding of how the Veiled Prophet Parade comes together.

2009 Veiled Prophet Parade Preview with Bill Griffin, Artistic Director 

2009 Veiled Prophet Parade: From Small Blocks of Styrofoam to Works of Art

2009 Veiled Prophet Parade:   A Sneak Peek at the Costume Shop

2009 Veiled Prophet Parade A Sneak Peek at this Year's Floats

2009 Veiled Prophet  Parade:  Community Service Initiative Float

From KETC, Living St. Louis Producers Jim Kirchherr and Patrick Murphy get a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the planning of the annual Veiled Prophet Parade.

From KETC, LIVING ST. LOUIS Producer Anne-Marie Berger attends the 124th annual Veiled Prophet Ball to crown this years Queen of Love Beauty.

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