Floats and Balloons

The 134th VP Parade Float Themes and Balloon Details   

The 2016 VP Parade “Hat's Off To Heroes” is full of fun and excitement with floats dedicated to our heroes of all kinds.  Here is just a sampling of the many floats in this year's parade on Saturday, July 2, 2016.

“Hats Off To You”

Theme: An invitation to all, anyone and everyone can be a hero. You can be a hero, it’s a personal choice.

“Hats Off To The U.S.O.” Presented by Lou Fusz Automotive Network

Theme: The U.S.O. provides for military personnel serving in other countries and faraway places, a home away from home.

“Hats Off To American Jazz”

Theme: A Jazz benefit performance salutes the artists of Jazz and the community who provide support for performance, education and community outreach of the Jazz art form.

“Hats Off To Old Man River”

Theme: A 12 Banjo salute to what the Mississippi River has been for St. Louis and all communities on its banks. Inspiration for commerce, travel, trade, and theme in visual art, music, and entertainment.

“Hats Off To Super Heroes”

Theme: Created and celebrated in our imagination, characters’ who may save the un-savable day or accomplish the impossible.

“Hats Off To American Ingenuity”

Theme: An Operetta and Ballet performed saluting America’s blue collar workers. Our Craftsmen, Fabricators, Warehousemen and Laborers in a toy factory creating special things for children.

“Hats Off To First Responders”

Theme: A tribute to some of our communities bravest Heroes.  Thank you for being there when we need you.

“Hats Off To Entertainment”

Theme: The St. Louis Muny’s cast of young talented and energetic future “Star” hopefuls perform on a rehearsal stage in Forest Park.

“Hats Off To Our Planet”

Theme: “Trash to treasures” taking care of our world.  The resourcefulness of our community is shown by repurposing recycled objects in to sculptures and paintings creating works of art. 

“Hats Off To Teacher”

Theme: A musical performance becomes a primary lesson in the ABC’s and a fun heart felt salute to our Educators being true community Heroes. 

“Hats Off To Coach”

Theme: “Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play”, a recognition to the Coach/Mentor directing a team game. The game being a great forum for teaching fair play, integrity, being a “good Sport” and character building. 

"Hats Off To Trailblazers"

Theme: A “Thank You" to Pioneers for enduring hardships and rewards of westward expansion and on to innovators leading with new ideas and solutions.

The 2016 VP Parade Balloon Details

Angry Birds Sponsored by Butler's Pantry
American Eagle Sponsored by Maritz
Billy Blazes Sponsored by Weber Chevorlet
Louie the Lightning Bug
Sergeant Freedom Sponsored by Purina
Uncle Sam Sponsored by Edward Jones
Floats and balloons are not by order of appearance.  Additional floats, balloons and entertainment to be added.

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