FAQs for the 2016 VP Parade

Q: When will the VP Parade return to the streets of downtown St. Louis?
A: Great News! The VP Parade is returning to downtown St. Louis in 2016
Q: When is the 2016 VP Parade?
A: The parade begins at 9:30 AM on Saturday, July 2nd.
Q: How long does the VP Parade last?
A: The VP Parade lasts about two hours
Q: If I take Metrolink, what is the best station to get off the train?
A: There are great viewing areas for the VP Parade a short walk from the following Metrolink stations: Union Station, Civic Center, Stadium and 8th & Pine.
Q: What is the best place to view the Parade?
A: There are great viewing areas along Market Street for the entire route of the VP Parade, including City Garden, the steps of the Carnahan Court House, City Hall, Peabody Opera House, Aloe Plaza and Union Station.   
Q: Is there available parking to view the VP Parade?
A: With the Parade's move to downtown St. Louis, there are many on-street and commercial parking lot options.  As shown on the VP Parade Map, Parade Parking will be available as close as one to two blocks from the entire parade route. 
Q: Where is the Disability Viewing Area?
A: Our goal is to ensure that the VP Parade experience is accessible to all.  Once again, we will have a designated area along the parade route for disabled patrons.  Visit the Disabled Services page for up-to-the-minute information about the Disabled Viewing Area. The facilities will include interpreters for the hearing impaired, announcers for the visually impaired, and viewing space for the orthopedically impaired. Cold water and wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms will be available, and limited parking for handicapped licensed vans will be provided on a first come - first serve basis at a convenient lot. 
Q:  Where do I find information about Fair Saint Louis?
For additional information about Fair Saint Louis, please visit http://fairsaintlouis.org


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